Previously known as
Established 1927
(Updated January 2016)
The Club shall be called HOPEMAN BOWLING CLUB (hereinafter to be called the Club).
The Membership shall consist of CLUB MEMBERS.
The Membership of the Club shall be open to all. The name and address of an applicant for membership shall be submitted to the Secretary on an official application form. Blank forms will be available on the Club notice board. The application will be submitted to the next Management Committee meeting for approval. The Secretary shall convey the Committee’s decision to the applicant and inform him/her of the annual subscription and entry fee, where applicable, to be paid to the Treasurer. The Management Committee shall consider all applicants and no application shall be refused without good reason. In the event of an application being refused the applicant will have the right to appeal to the Secretary, in writing, within fourteen days of notification. The appeal will then be considered by a meeting of the Management Committee.
There shall be categories of Junior and Intermediate Members within the above membership.
The title CLUB MEMBER shall apply to all persons who have been accepted for membership by the Management Committee. They shall have the right to use the facilities of the Club and to play the game of Indoor Bowls on the short carpets and Outdoor Lawn Bowls provided they have paid the appropriate fees.
All CLUB MEMBERS shall have full voting powers and be eligible to hold office within the Club excluding Temporary and Junior Members.
Intermediate Club Members shall be male or female members who have attained the age of 16 years on or before the 31st January but not exceeded the age of 18 years. Intermediate Club Members shall have full voting powers.
Junior Club Members shall be young persons under the age of 16 years on the 31st January. Junior Club Members shall have no voting powers.
Club Members, where applicable, shall be regarded as full bowling members within the categories as determined from time to time by the affiliated governing bodies
Temporary Club Membership may be agreed for a set period in accordance with the conditions applied at the particular time of application. Temporary Club Members shall have full use of the Club’s facilities with the exception of playing in Club Competitions. Temporary Club Members shall have no voting powers within the Club.
All categories of membership will be liable for fees as determined by the membership either, as determined during an Annual General Meeting or during a General Meeting called for that purpose.
A General Meeting of the Club shall be called annually during the month of January for the Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members and for the transaction of any other competent business e.g. the setting of fees. Notice of the AGM and any special business to be discussed shall be posted on the notice board at least 21 days prior to the date of the meeting.
The business of the Club shall be conducted by the Management Committee (hereinafter called the Committee) which shall consist of the following office bearers, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, three Match Secretaries, Kitchen Convenor, Bar Convenor and Green Convenor and six Club Members. The retiring President shall be an ex-officio Committee Member during the year following their term of office as President.
Office Bearers shall be elected annually at the AGM. They shall hold office for one year. They shall be eligible for re-election immediately on retirement.
The six Club Members shall be elected by a ballot of the Members of the Club at the AGM and shall hold office for either one or two years. Three of these elected Club Members shall retire annually by rotation. They shall not be eligible for re-election for at least one year after their retirement.
Nominations for the election of Office Bearers and Management Committee Members are to be in the hands of the Secretary for publication two weeks prior to the AGM. Each nomination must include the names of the proposer and seconder. Nominations will not be accepted after the fourteenth day before the AGM, but if no written nominations have been received by that day proposals could be accepted at the AGM. The nominee, proposer and seconder must either be present at the AGM or have forwarded their letter of acceptance, proposal or seconding to the meeting through the Secretary.
In the event of a vacancy arising in the Committee, the Committee shall have the power to co-opt a member to fill the vacancy, until such time as the Committee Member creating the vacancy would have retired by rotation.
The Committee shall have the power to vary the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club. The Rules and Bye-Laws shall be binding on every Club Member.
The President or any three Committee Members shall have the power to call a Committee Meeting at any time during the year. The Committee must hold meetings at least once per calendar month. A quorum of five Committee Members shall have full power to transact all the business of the Club, including, but without prejudice to the foregoing generality, the regulation of the opening and closing the Green and the calling at any time of a General Meeting.
The President shall be bound to call a Special General Meeting of the Club within ten days of receiving a request stating the purpose of the meeting and signed by at least 15 members of the Club. The notice of such a General Meeting shall be displayed on the notice board by the Secretary at least one week prior to the date of the meeting.
The Club Members Annual Subscription for the coming year shall be paid before the 15th February, the sum to be agreed at the AGM. Any member who allows their subscription to remain unpaid after the 15th February shall, after being given eight days notice, be declared to be no longer a member by the Committee who shall have discretion in this matter.
An Honorary Club Member will be a person external to the Club Membership who is deemed to have significantly contributed, in whatsoever manner, to the support or upkeep of the Club Activities, Premises or Grounds. Such a member will have the right to use the Club facilities, but will have no financial or managerial responsibilities within the Club.
A Life Club Member will be a person internal to the Club membership who is deemed to have significantly contributed, in whatsoever manner, to the support or upkeep of the Club Activities, Premises or Grounds. Such a member will have the right to use the Club facilities for as long as he or she may wish, and continue to have the opportunity as other Club Members to have full voting powers and to be eligible to hold offices within the Club.
Any person who wishes to propose a person out with or within the Club membership for either of the above classes of membership are to submit their nomination(s) to the Management Committee of the Club 21 days prior to the AGM. If approved by the Committee, such nomination(s) would be recommended to the members at the AGM for approval of the membership.
Members shall be allowed to introduce visitors to view the Club premises. Members shall not introduce more than two visitors at any one time and members will not be allowed to invite the same visitors on more than three occasions in any calendar year. Visitors must be accompanied by the Club Member who introduced them and the member shall be responsible for the good behaviour of the visitors.
All visits must be recorded in the visitors book.
The following persons will not be allowed entry as visitors or guests; former members who have been expelled from the Club and persons who have ceased to be members due to non-payment of their fees.
The Committee at its discretion may invite guests to use the Club premises for a limited period.
At General Meetings fifteen members shall form a quorum. All voting shall be by a show of hands or by ballot, the meeting shall decide and the result be declared from the Chair. Each member shall have one vote but in the case equality of votes the Chairman shall have the casting vote, as well as a deliberate vote. Except as otherwise provided within this Constitution, all questions will be decided by a simple majority.
The funds of the Club shall be lodged in the bank in the name of the Club, and the bank account shall be operated by any two signatures of the Treasurer, the Secretary and one other nominated member. The Treasurer shall keep correct and up to date books showing all the financial transactions of the Club, and such books shall be available for inspection at any time by any member of the Committee. The financial year of the Club shall be from 1st October to 30th September. A full statement of accounts shall be independently inspected by a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. The inspected accounts shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting and a copy thereof shall be posted on the notice board not less than one week prior to the date of the meeting when copies shall be available on demand by members.
The Club is a non-profit making organisation. All profits and surpluses will be used to improve the Club’s facilities.
The Management Committee may expel or suspend a Club member whose conduct may be offensive or disagreeable to other members providing such a proposal is supported by six or more Committee Members. The expelled or suspended member shall have the right of appeal against the decision of the Committee. This appeal must be lodged with the Secretary within one week from the decision of the Management Committee and a Special General Meeting will be held especially for this purpose. Voting shall be by ballot and a simple majority shall be conclusive.
The property, effects and monies of the Club shall be vested in the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer or their successors in office, as Trustees to be held in trust for the individual members equally during their membership and shall expire on the expiry of their membership.
Alterations to this Constitution can be made only at the AGM or at a Special General Meeting called specifically for this purpose. Written notice of proposed alterations must be given to the Secretary not later than the first day of January for the AGM and at least two weeks prior to a Special General Meeting. Alteration to this Constitution must be approved by a majority of members present at the AGM or Special General Meeting.